Entry is Now Closed
Authors of accepted posters must submit manuscript by September 2, 2016

Author Instruction

AUV2016 will host Student Poster Competition for Imaginary AUV Project. This program is intended to provide students with an opportunity to make a proposal for an AUV project, real or imaginary.

Students are asked to prepare a proposal and submit it via on-line abstract submission page.

The abstracts submitted will be reviewed by the Student Competition Committee and the selected students will be asked to attend the conference to present the proposal at the conference in Tokyo. AUV 2016 will provide registration fee small incentive fund for the students selected to present in the Student Poster Competition.

Students of accepted papers are expected to prepare and submit a manuscript for conference proceedings to be distributed at the conference (4 to 10 pages in the IEEE Standard double-column format.)

Presentation Format: Students are to prepare poster for presentation at the conference and also participate in the interactive poster discussion time

Best Student Poster Award
Based on the comprehensive review of the proposal and presentation in the poster session, the best student poster award winner will be selected and awarded during the conference.

Submission Process: Students are to prepare 2-page abstract to be submitted via web-based submission site.

Abstract/Manuscript must address:
The objective of the AUV to be developed
Explain the background for developing this AUV. What is to be accomplished by this AUV? How will this AUV enable what was not possible or insufficient with the existing AUVs?

The goal of the AUV project
What outcome will be expected at the completion of this project?

Key design proposal
Describe the concept of the AUV to be developed. Explain the unique and innovative features for this AUV.

Imaginary design methodology
Specifications such as weight, size, depth at the AUV will withstand water pressure, battery capacity etc.
Schematics for AUV.
System chart for the AUV's features.

Explain the budget required to complete this project.
The budget should include some breakdowns by cost elements.

Schedule of Development
Provide quarterly timelines for development until the completion in a bar chart with additional explanations in words.